Editorial: New Beginnings

Somewhere, over the..
Photo by Alvan Yap

Dear reader, you might have noticed the previous issue of Signal (Jan-Dec 2019) was available only as an online PDF file. Yes, we had gone fully digital. But this time and in future, we are not even doing PDFs anymore.

Instead, we are relaunching Signal as a fully online newsletter as a blog.

Why? We want to make it convenient for you, go green and be financially prudent.

Convenience: Signal’s focus will be on longer and more in-depth pieces and human interest stories – on people, news and happenings in the community. Kicking off the revamped Signal is a feature story on the grassroots-led organisation Deaf Hiking Singapore Group.

If you know of any Deaf/hard-of-hearing people and Deaf-related groups or organisations or businesses which you feel should be in this series “Deaf Stories”, do let us know. We’ll be happy to shine a well-deserved spotlight on them.

Another advantage of going online: Signal will be able to roll out SADeaf post-event reports and photos more quickly on an as-needed basis, under the new series “Dispatches from SADeaf”. This means no waiting for the next issue of Signal to be published three or five months down the road. In this issue, we focus on how SADeaf staff coped with circuit breaker measures and working remotely to serve our clients as best as we could.

Eco-friendly: Put simply, no paper is used in printing the newsletters. We reduce the usage (and wastage) of paper. Since newspapers, magazines, bills, bank statements are all becoming e-copy only, why not Signal too?

Cost: We save on design, printing, postage fees without having to compromise on the content and quality of the newsletter. This is especially important as we face cost-cutting pressures as the economy – and donations – falter.

If you have been wondering when this issue would appear, thank you for your patience! We also apologise for the lengthy wait and hope you enjoy this latest edition.

Important note: For latest news, public updates and announcements of upcoming events, SADeaf has been posting these on our social media. These will no longer appear in our Signal newsletter.

Why? These channels are more suitable for such updates and news. So do check out our Facebook page and website (for everyone/public), as well as our Mailchimp EDMs (emails to clients, members, volunteers).

Lastly, we welcome your feedback, tips and contributions, and story ideas! Just email us at ca@sadeaf.org.sg.

Happy reading!

From the editorial team, Alvan Yap & Teo Zhi Xiong

p/s: If you are a member or client of SADeaf and are not unable to access online versions of Signal, please write in to ca@sadeaf.org.sg to let us know.

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