Reaching For The Skies, Recording A Feat

For the past months, volunteers had descended upon SADeaf, online or in person, for the Song Signing Remotely project. Through song-signing, we aimed to showcase the beauty and versatility of sign language and generate interest among the public to learn more about Deaf Culture and raise of our very own local Deaf community and its unique language.

Led by dedicated volunteers Pet Tan and Leon Woo, together with SADeaf staff James Ong, Gophi Nathan and Neo Hock Sik, weekly online and physical practice sessions were conducted in which volunteers signers learnt how to sign the song ‘Reach for the Skies’. All practice sessions were conducted in compliance with safe distancing guidelines. 

The association has adapted quickly to the challenging times and continues to bring people together (albeit virtually) to spread deaf awareness. It’s been a fun and exciting experience learning more about the deaf culture and sign language through song signing, meeting new people along the way, and breaking the Singapore Book of Records at the same time!

– Lim Zhi Chiaw, volunteer signer

On 16 Jan 2021, 101 participants signed the song ‘Reach for the Skies’ via Zoom. What’s more, this performance clinched the award of Largest Mass Online Song Signing ever organised in the Singapore Book of Records. 

James Ong, Chairperson of the project, commented: “It was a difficult feat to have 101 signers on Zoom all at the same time. We managed it at the end of the day through everyone’s hard work. We would like to thank all participants involved in this project for their time and effort.”

Special Thanks to all volunteers who participated in the mass song signing!

1.       Amanda Wong

2.       Amelia Lim

3.       Aqilah binte Abdul Rahim

4.       Bee See

5.       Bernard Lim

6.       Bertilla Ang Eng Sim

7.       Camellia Binte Abd Gani

8.       Caryl Ong

9.       Casilda Kwok

10.   Celine Goh Si Li

11.   Chan Junheng

12.   Chan Yin King

13.   Chen Lee Zee Jerlyn

14.   Cheong Hui Jun

15.   Cheyenne Huiping Allenspach

16.   Chia Kim Tat

17.   Chia Ming Li, Claire

18.   Chia Qi En Joy

19.   Chiu Yan Yu

20.   Diana Eng

21.   Edna Lee Poh Hui

22.   Eileen Teo Yi Lin

23.   Fabrizio Righi

24.   Faith Ang Shi Huan

25.   Gabriel Chin Jing Zhe

26.   Gelene Toh Qiao Wen

27.   Glenn Lee Sheng En

28.   Goo Li Keng

29.   Ho Lian Qi

30.   Ho Zhi Ruo

31.   Iffah Iesa

32.   Janson Lim Tai Kearn

33.   Jessica Lim Jiaying

34.   Jessica Tan Jia Zhen

35.   Jo-Ann Enriquez

36.   Joanna Chua

37.   Judy Ang Kin Lin

38.   Justine Khoo

39.   Kelly Ng Sze Yin

40.   Khloe Lim Mei Hui

41.   Koh Zi Ling

42.   Kwek Fu Xuan

43.   Kwek Si Tong

44.   Lau Lip Siong Abraham

45.   Lee Li Xuan

46.   Lee Su Ann

47.   Lim Chae Yun

48.   Lim Yong Ping

49.   Lim Yun Ling Hazel

50.   Lim Zhi Chiaw

51.   Lina Ong

52.   Lok Xin Yu

53.   Loong Ying Qi Sheryl

54.   Mae Teo Kah Bee

55.   Mak Mei Hing

56.   Maureen Aquino

57.   Monica Tan

58.   Muhammad Danial Adam Bin Sudirman

59.   Neo Yin Jie

60.   Ng Mei Yee

61.   Noreen Taha

62.   Nur Afni Binte Abdullah

63.   Nurarina Awang

64.   Ojaswini Mishra

65.   Ong Sing May

66.   Pamela WZ Lee

67.   Pang Jia Yan Germaine

68.   Patricia Monkman

69.   Paulyn Soong

70.   Peh Tian Xin Natasha

71.   Peter Im Wai Hoe

72.   Poh Gek Hiang

73.   Qin Ping

74.   Sandeep Krishna

75.   Seow Jie Yong

76.   Serena Soh Hui Xin

77.   Sharmaine Pook

78.   Sherry Lim

79.   Sim Jia Rong

80.   Sim Jinrong

81.   Soong Wen Lin, Kaylin

82.   Sophie Tay

83.   Tan Jessie

84.   Tan Zhi Cong

85.   Tang Xin Ying

86.   Tay Le Yi, Latricia

87.   Teh Hui Yi

88.   Teo Hooi Pheng

89.   Teoh Yu Ting

90.   Verena Lee

91.   Xie Yi Ming

92.   Yaney Yusup

93.   Shalini Gidwani

94.   Neoh Yew Kim

95.   Jazmine Chua Perng Perng

Working Committee

96.   Pet Tan

97.   Leon

98.   Judy

99.   James Ong

100. Gohpi

101. Hock sik


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