Deaf Dialogue 2021

On Saturday 20 March 2021, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, a Deaf Dialogue session was held by SADeaf.

Organised by the Advocacy Committee, the event saw Deaf and hard-of-hearing people as well as hearing allies from the community participating.

Zoom group photo of the participants and committee members

The session opened with a welcome speech from committee chairperson Lily Goh, followed by a presentation on past dialogue feedback and progress reports, and then the dialogue proper.

The one-hour-long discussion covered these perennially important topics: education, employment and accessibility. Participants took turns to raise issues affecting the Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, as well as give their feedback, suggestions and ideas to improving the lives of the community.

Our appreciation goes to all participants who took time and effort to share, our committee members and staff for planning and facilitating this event, as well as our interpreters and notetakers on duty.

Update: You can find the report of the dialogue here.

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