Deaf Achievers Awards 2021

The annual SADeaf Deaf Achievers Awards recognise the achievements of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons in various spheres such as sports, academics and other areas. The awards also acknowledge the contributions of the individuals, donors, organisations and ambassadors to our community.

The image shows 5 separate photos of the five award winners and their names.

Outstanding Deaf Student (Secondary Education): Ms Hannah Maria Gomez
Outstanding Deaf Student (Vocational Institute): Ms Gan Jun Huan
Outstanding Deaf Student (Tertiary Education): Mr Elliot Tang Z-Kai
Special Talent: Mr Muhammad Ammar Nasrulhaq
Teacher of the Year: Mr Wong Tuck Seng (ITE College West)

Watch the full video of the Deaf Achievers Awards 2021 ceremony here! (With SgSL interpretation and English captions.)

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