Family Day 2022: We’re back together again!

25 June 2022 was an especially memorable Saturday for certain SADeaf clients and staff – it marked SADeaf’s first ‘live’ family day event since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, our clients and family members were excited to see familiar faces in person again after such a long absence from group outings.

The Family Day participants had signed up a SEA Aquarium Guided Tour in collaboration with Xperience Tours. They first gathered at SADeaf, where interpreters, tour guides and staff were on hand to receive them, then we travelled to the venue. All 60-plus people – what a large party! – got to ride on the cable car high above the sea. Happy faces and kids’ laughter abound as we embarked on the cable car ride, taking in the sights and scenery from above.

After the group photo-taking, we were ready to go under the sea! We were split into our separate tour groups for the tour at the SEA Aquarium. At the aquarium, the tour guide provided many insights into the fascinating world under the sea. One interesting question asked was on how we could differentiate between a sea-dwelling mammal such as a dolphin from a fish. The answer? Look at their tails! Mammals have horizontal tails that flap up and down, and fishes have vertical tails which move from side to side.

To end the day, everyone got to enjoy a McDonald’s meal.

Text by Cheong Zhi Hao
Photos by Ernest Toh

To access all photos taken during this event, please click here.

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