Amplifying our stories!

Amplified is a short story project documenting the experiences of Itinerant Support Service (ISS) clients with hearing loss. For this first edition, we gathered a total of ten stories from clients of different ages, who wrote on their personal narratives about their hearing loss/deafness.

The end results? A collection of their stories in print!

Our young writers! (Excluding the chap on the extreme right.)

On 7 September 2022, ISS clients, parents and stakeholders, including MOE partners, came together for an evening of celebration, food and sharing! Three of our featured writers – Samuel Luah, Reeve Tan and Regina Soh – invited us into their world, to follow along on their journey navigating life with hearing loss. In their own words, and on stage, they shared with the audience the unique challenges they faced, and how they tackled these with the help of the community around them to become self-accepting and self-advocating individuals. Indeed, as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

There was also sharing by various speakers: Mr Majumdar gave us a glimpse of the parent’s perspective through sharing his experiences in raising a child with hearing loss. Ms Ismaiyah, a Special Educational Needs Officer with one of our school partners, walked us through the strength a home-school-community partnership could bring in supporting these students. Guest speaker, SADeaf staff Mr Alvan Yap inspired our crowd with the story of his search for his identity as a deaf person in a hearing world.

Together on stage launching the book!

To cap the event, Amplified was finally launched! After a year’s hard work, everyone could witness the smiles on each of these student writer’s face, as they got to hold their personal copy of the book everyone had collaboratively produced. The positive energy around the room was so infectious, and it also served as a gentle reminder that no matter how easy or difficult each of their journey is, they will continue to push through, to overcome, and to become the amazing persons they all can be!

To download an e-copy of the book, click here.

Clients and their families tucking in!

Itinerant Support Service (ISS) is a school-based programme for students with hearing loss in mainstream schools. To learn more about Amplified, or the services ISS offer, do chat us up at Browse here for more information.

Text and photos by Joan Peh and ISS team

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