IWDP 2022: Building Inclusive Communities for All

In conjunction with the annual International Week of Deaf People and International Day of Sign Languages, the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) commemorating the occasion via a five-day series of Deaf and Singapore Sign Language (SgSL)-related events ‘live’ on site and online.

With the theme “Building Inclusive Communities For All!”, we showcased the unifying power of SgSL for our community and as a part of the larger society in Singapore. Highlights include a storytelling workshop by a Deaf actor and talks by Deaf persons on their journeys, as well as a sharing session by a CODA (child of Deaf adults).

Singapore Sign Language Week also aims to raise awareness about the importance of sign language in the full realisation of the human rights of people who are deaf; draw the attention of the politicians, authorities and the public to the achievement and concerns of the Deaf people; and is a week for the Deaf, their families and volunteers to get together and share the joy of their achievements!

Exhibitions, talks, and more!
From 19 September to 23 September 2022, Monday to Friday, an exhibition featuring SADeaf services and Deaf awareness info was held at the SADeaf Hall.

And now, let’s dive into the photos of the various activities, speakers and audience!

About 160 visitors and participants attended the exhibition and talks in the evenings during the IWDP and SgSL Week.

Christophe Tay, a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), gave a well-received talk on “Don’t feel sorry for my deaf parents, communicate with them” on 19 September. He spoke on his personal and family’s experiences as hearing children of Deaf parents – the ups and downs and trials and joys!

The participants taking part in an interactive game with April Chia, our SgSL instructor.

Barbara D’Cotta, SADeaf training manager, deliver a presentation on “A bilingual approach to the education of young deaf children : SgSL and English” on 20 September 2022. She gave insights on how the bilingual bicultural deaf education approached had made an impact on Deaf education in Singapore.

SADeaf staff Gohpi and Moses engage the audience with sign language games!

On 21 September 2022, Yew Hau En, advisor to the World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat for Asia Youth (WFD RSA YS), WFD RSA YS and Youth Work, shared her experience with RSA YS over the past five years.

The 22 September talk was by Alvan Yap who spoke about his 20-year journey from a mainstream school background to being in and part of the Deaf community via Singapore Sign Language.

The entertainment that evening was provided by Elaine Teo, SgSL instructor!

Among the best turnout of the programme, thanks to Elaine and her groupies, eh, we mean, her present and past SgSL students.

On 23 September 2022, we had the honour of having Randy Chew, from the former Hi! Theater group, sharing his SgSL storytelling tips with an enraptured audience!

Our heartfelt thanks to all presenters, speakers, volunteers, audience and staff for contributing to a wonderful week!

Behind the scenes… a peek at our staff and volunteers hard at work setting up and preparing for the event. (Photo by Alvan)

By James Ong, DAS
Photos by Edwin Ong, volunteer photographer (unless otherwise stated)


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