A fun day out at Sarimbun Scout Camp

On 26 November 2022 the Itinerant Support Service (ISS) team organised our Client Engagement Day, a one-day programme, in collaboration with Sands Leadership Development Centre.

ISS clients and their siblings were brought to Sarimbun Scout Camp for a fun and purposeful outdoor learning experience. The participants came to know and interact with students from different schools, as well as learn about respecting diversity, developing character and problem-solving skills and being creative. They worked in teams to think, plan, innovate and come up with solutions to resolve the challenges encountered during the various ice breakers activities, outdoor cooking, and low elements activities.

The day ended with a reflection over a Blue Sky Campfire where everyone expressed their gratitude, thoughts and emotions. It was a heart-warming moment witnessing the ISS clients and their siblings presented certificates to each other and celebrating the new friendships formed as well.

Text by: Jermaine Luo and ISS team

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