Getting back together again! (aka Staff Retreat 2022) 

We came, we saw, we found Judy.

As at the finale of a K-drama series, we’re all together again..

After the heartbreak of being forced apart due to Covid restrictions, 46 of us from the Singapore Association for the Deaf and Mountbatten Vocational School finally got to come together for a joyful reunion for the annual year-end staff retreat, the first such ‘live’ gathering in two years. It was a great opportunity for veteran staff to catch up with one another, especially with old pals from other departments, and for our new hires to get to know better their colleagues.

The first stop was the SADeaf AVA Room, and out and around the association premises, where we enjoyed ourselves partaking in a quiz (and discovered really, incredibly obscure trivia about SADeaf history), and quirky games like “Finding Judy” (spoiler alert: we did, in the end, succeed in the search-and-rescue mission of our big boss, no worries), Graphic Intuition and Piece Me Together. Oh, we also had the pleasure of being regaled by Dennis and Hock Sik’s stories of the SADeaf era of yore. The competition for the top prizes among the three teams turned out to be rather.. fierce and kind of.. eye-widening in that we got to see the hitherto not-so-familiar sides of our colleagues.

Next up was a short bus ride to a hearty lunch at Carousel Hotel (not to be confused with the online used-goods seller) at Royal Plaza on Scotts, where we had so much fun eating and chatting that more than a few of us stayed past the bewitching end-of-buffet hour.

Our heartfelt appreciation to the organising team – Kalavathi, Barbara, Josiah, Moses, Kazay, Hock Sik, led by James – for their hard work in coming up with the activities, planning the programme and their gourmet’s choice of makan!

Welfie experts

Yes! We found her!

Because the background is so scenic..

Dennis in beast storyteller mode

The celebrities’ group

Our heroes: The organising team of Kalavathi, Barbara, Josiah, Moses, Kazay, Hock Sik, and James


The die-hard groupies

The more sober groupies

The kawaii groupies

And that’s all, folks!

Text by: Alvan Yap, CA
Photos by: Ernest Toh and assorted staff

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