A World of Touch: DeafBlind Training with Anne Sullivan Foundation

From 17 January to 14 February 2023, SADeaf’s Community Service (CS) team partnered Ireland’s Anne Sullivan Foundation to conduct a course for staff, external partners and community volunteers on Deafblindness.

The course “A World of Touch” was organised by the Deafblind programme under CS and featured invited Deafblind specialists Deirdre Leech and Sorcha Nallen from the Anne Sullivan Foundation.

Session 1: Held on 17 Jan 2023, it was our largest turnout with more than 50 participants, including staff, external partners and community volunteers!

Conducted over Zoom, participants gained much knowledge and insights about Deafblindness over three sessions. Topics went in depth on the spectrum of Deafblindness, the challenges one faces with the condition, and the various ways to overcome them. We had a wonderful turnout for all three training dates, with participants actively and meaningfully engaged throughout.

We also received wonderful feedback from participants. One commented, “I would like to register my thanks to both Deirdre and Sorcha as well as the coordinating team at SADeaf for the enriching course. Despite the early timing for the Ireland-based trainers, they did it without hesitation; three cheers!”

Another participant added, “The workshop is really interesting, especially the communication part and social haptic communication. It is really eye-opening. Hope to have more workshop training in future!”

SADeaf is grateful to Deirdre and Sorcha for their efforts, and we look forward to staying in touch.

Last session on 14 Feb 2023: Love is all around..

Text and screenshots by: Angeles Kiara Luna, CS

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